November 2011

Kale Soup Recipe

This kale soup recipe is a go to in cold winter months, you won't be disappointed.  And, it is less than 300 calories per serving!

2 tbsp olive oil
1 sweet onion, chopped
1 bunch kale (6-8 large leaves), remove stems, chop leaves
8 cups water (can also mix or replace with low sodium vegetable broth)
1 can diced tomatoes (15 oz)
4 white potatoes such as kennebec, peeled and cubed
2 cans (15 oz) cannellini beans
1 tbsp Italian seasoning
2 tbsp dried parsley pinch red pepper flakes


The largest potato ever recorded was 18 lbs 4 oz.

Low Sugar Apple Pie

This recipe can be made healthier by using a home made rather than store bought pie crust.

Pre-made store bought pie crust (or your own favorite from recipe) 
8-10 Apples (cored, peeled and quartered) - high flavor varieties that hold up well to cooking such as Granny Smith or Northern Spy 
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Allspice (or nutmeg if you don't have Allspice)
1/4 - 3/4 cup sugar (optional, and the apples should provide plenty of sweetness on their own)

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